novembre 16, 2015

Jussi Pesonen re-elected Chairman of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation


The Board of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation re-elected Mr Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO of UPM-Kymmene, as its Chairman for the third year running. The Federation’s annual autumn meeting took place in Helsinki today, Monday.

Mr Pesonen emphasised the significance of the bioeconomy to Finland’s well-being – now and in the future. He pointed out that forest industry investments are growing. Strengthening the sector’s competitiveness and continued positive development requires actions from decision makers also.

“Three important themes stand out in forest industry lobbying, and the Finnish government plays a role in all. First of all, the government must hold on to its promise that industry’s costs will not be increased during this term. Cost pressures can be mitigated by quickly adopting Emissions Trading Scheme compensation in full”, Mr Pesonen said.

“Secondly, the labour market requires urgent reform. The government must reduce unit labour costs, if the central labour organisations fail to do so. The labour market expects the government to be consistent regarding all decisions related to working life,” Mr Pesonen said.

“Thirdly, wood raw material availability is an issue. No bioeconomy or renewable energy targets will be met if the wood markets do not grow,” he added.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s board chairman and deputy chairmen continue in their roles and no changes were made to the composition of the Executive Committee. In 2016, Metsä Group’s President and CEO, Kari Jordan, and Stora Enso’s CFO, Seppo Parvi, will continue as deputy chairmen of the board. In addition to the chairmen, next year’s Executive Committee includes Haapajärven Ha-Sa Managing Director Kalle Kantola, Versowood Managing Director Ville Kopra, Sappi Finland Operations Mill Director Martti Savelainen, and Vapo CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny.

The autumn meeting elected a total of 29 board members:

Managing Director Jussi Aine      Puustelli Group Oy

CEO Sampo Antti      Corenso United Oy Ltd

Executive Vice President, Head of Stora Enso Paper Division Kati ter Horst    Stora Enso Paper

Managing Director Risto Hovi      BillerudKorsnäs Finland Oy

CEO Ilkka Hämälä      Metsä Fibre Oy

CEO Markku Hämäläinen      Kotkamills Oy

President and CEO Kari Jordan     Metsä Group

Chairman of the Board Lauri Junnila      Pankaboard Oy

Managing Director Kalle Kantola         Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy

CEO Pekka Kauranen      Harvestia Oy

CEO Ville Kopra          Versowood Oy

Managing Director Karri Koskela        DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy

CEO Juha Koukka        Savon Sellu Oy

General Manager Juha Kuusisto         Veljet Kuusisto Oy

Managing Director Heikki Merikoski       Oy SWM-Wood Ltd

Mill Director Heikki Mustaniemi        Oy SCA Hygiene Products Ab

Managing Director Kari Nikkanen         Olavi Räsänen Oy

Chief Financial Officer Seppo Parvi        Stora Enso Oyj

President and CEO Jussi Pesonen         UPM-Kymmene Corporation

Managing Director Kyösti Pöyry          Paperinkeräys Oy

Managing Director Tommi Ruha           Kuhmo Oy

Chairman of the Board Pekka Sairanen    Puusepänteollisuus ry

Mill Director Martti Savelainen         Sappi Finland Operations Oy

CEO Sixten Sunabacka       Tornator Oyj

Vice President, Production Matti-Pekka Vanninen     Jujo Thermal Oy

President, UPM Energy and Pulp Business Group Heikki Vappula       UPM-Kymmene Corporation

Managing Director Jouko Virranniemi     Pölkky Oy

Managing Director Sakari Wallin        Suomen Kuitulevy Oy

Managing Director Tomi Yli-Kyyny         Vapo Oy


For more information, please contact Director General Timo Jaatinen, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. + 358 9 132 6600


The Finnish Forest Industries Federation represents companies in the wood-processing industries in Finland. We promote the competitiveness and profitability of the forest industries by strengthening its operating environment and public image in Finland and abroad. Our membership covers the pulp, paper and paperboard industries and most of the saw milling, wood-based panel and wood products industry in Finland.

The forest-based sector employs directly and indirectly for nearly 160,000 Finns. It also boosts income and vitality in sparsely populated areas and accounts for one fifth of the nation’s export earnings.