septembre 08, 2015

Good News from Finland in the spotlight

GNFF_logo_01 During difficult economic times, good news is often overshadowed by bad news. Revamped Good News from Finland responds to this challenge by featuring good and  interesting news about the most innovative corner of northern Europe – Finland.


The new Good News from Finland, published by Finnfacts, offers its readers now even better service. News about Finnish startups, innovations and companies small and large can now be found easily under specific topic categories.

“In terms of, for example, the startup culture, Finland has been at the forefront in Europe for several years now. Our education sector has also drawn worldwide interest. Good News from Finland is definitely a source of information for an international audience that is interested in these and other business topics,” says Managing Editor Sara Vihavainen.

Sara Vihavainen is the Managing Editor of Good News from Finland.

Sara Vihavainen is the Managing Editor of Good News from Finland.

The website publishes news items every weekday in English, Russian and Finnish. English is the most widely offered language version on the website, with readers coming from just about every corner of the globe.

Focus on Finnish companies

Finnfacts is among the organisations working to communicate Finland’s nation brand. This is evident not only in the content offered by Good News from Finland, but also in the revamped website, which aims to reflect the clean and fresh Finnish design aesthetic.

“In addition, our renewed newsletter that is sent out every Thursday offers a summary of the main positive news of the week from the Finnish corporate front. In challenging economic times, the words ‘Good News’ are not seen in email subject headings very often,” says Vihavainen.