Visitas periodísticas

Cada año Finnfacts invita a varios centenares de periodistas extranjeros para que conozcan las empresas y las tecnologías más innovadoras de Finlandia. Los temas de las visitas varían desde el diseño industrial hasta las tecnologías limpias. 

Consulte nuestro calendario de eventos o tome contacto con el personal de Finnfacts. Las descripciones están en inglés porque la mayoría de las visitas se organizan en ese idioma. Si necesita asistencia con un proyecto en curso, nos complaceremos en encontrarle los contactos más provechosos en Finlandia.

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Finnish Maritime Know-How

Finland has a long history and thorough understanding of delivering smart and environmentally friendly high-tech maritime solutions. The internationally known maritime network’s expertise ranges from the likes of icebreakers and ice going vessels, to cruise…

14 May 2018 – 17 May 2018
Finnish Wood Construction and Design

Finnish wood are well known for its high quality as building, furnishing and decorating material. During the media tour, journalists get to learn the competitive advantage of Finnish wood by getting to know several innovative…

16 April 2018 – 19 April 2018
Arctic media tour

Finland is a front runner at the current and emerging markets of Arctic technology. One of the best-known examples of Finland’s Arctic expertise include Arctic marine technology and related business opportunities, solutions and services. Finnish…

26 February 2018 – 2 March 2018
5G & Connectivity

Finland is the most innovative country in the world and the 2nd most competitive country in Europe. As early adopters of numerous digital services, Finns have digitalization in their nature. Equipped with an interdisciplinary way…

4 September 2017 – 8 September 2017
Food From Finland

Finland has been recognized internationally to have the purest food products among EU countries. Being recognized as the cleanest country in the world, Finnish ingredients are known for their pureness. The natural food ingredients, from…

21 August 2017 – 24 August 2017