MediaMeet Training: Workshop for meeting foreign media

MediaMeet Training is a one-day workshop for business professionals. It will help you prepare to meet international media. The service is useful to anyone who meets with the international media in their work and for companies aiming for global markets.

The service offers practical tips on how to present your company in an interesting and compelling manner. In the training you will learn how the media works and what journalists are looking for, what to include and what to leave out when telling your story, how to deliver your key messages clearly and answer questions in a compelling manner.

MediaMeet training is organized in Finnfacts’ office. It will be led by a media expert. The program for the training will be tailored according to your wishes and needs. It can include, for example assessment and revision of your corporate presentation, getting to grips with the media field of your target country, polishing up your skills as a performer, practical tips and different kind of tasks. We will provide honest and constructive feedback

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