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General information:

thisisFINLAND – things you should and shouldn’t know
thisisFINLAND forms an attractive window on Finland for everyone interested in our country, its culture and its people.
It covers anything related to Finland and Finnish society.

Visit Finland
The official travel and tourism portal of Finnish Tourist Board

Statistics Finland
Statistics Finland combines collected data with its own expertise to produce statistics and information services, promotes the use of statistics and develops national official statistics.

Finnish Government
The official website of the Finnish Government

Finnish Meteorolocical Institute
The FMI site provides you with weather forecasts and versatile information on research and news on weather in Finland in general.

Finnbay is a web magazine and a city/country guide about Finland in English.

News and media:

Good News from Finland
The aim of the Good News from Finland online service is to remind us of the positive things happening in the Finnish economy and society, things that in many instances do not receive the attention they deserve in other media. The service focuses on internationally interesting news about companies, the economy and innovations, but culture and other subjects aren’t ingnored. The news are published every week day in Finnish, English, Chinese and Russian.

Finnish Broadcasting Company – YLE
The site contains information on YLE – Finland’s national public service broadcasting company. In the site, there is also a press room containing press releases of the YLE.

NewsRoom Finland
Foreign Ministry’s NewsRoom Finland contains versatile information on what is going on in Finland right now — in the form of daily news from Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Helsinki Times
Helsinki Times is Finland’s first and only regularly published English language newspaper. The aim of the newspaper is not to compete with other news media but to be an English language alternative. Readers across the board have lauded Helsinki Times’ ability to present the most important news items in Finland, alongside a review of Finnish issues culled from the international press.

Finnish Newspaper Association
Finnish Newspaper Association is an umbrella organization for Finnish newspapers and publishers. The association furthers cooperation between its members and safeguards the interest of newspapers.

Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association
FPPA represents all magazine categories in Finland: consumer magazines, business and association magazines and customer magazines. All the most prominent publishers are members.


Technology and research:

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries
The mission of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is to ensure that the Finnish technology industry has the preconditions for success in the global marketplace.

Cleantech Finland
Cleantech Finland® is a guarantee of cutting edge technologies and services as well as reliable and efficient business practices. Cleantech Finland unites the top Finnish cleantech companies and experts.

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
Tekes is the main financing organization for R&D in Finland. Tekes’ site provides information on funding and expert services for R&D projects and promotion of national and international networking. The site is a good source if you want to know what is happening in Finnish technology at large.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
VTT is an impartial expert organisation. With its know how VTT produces research, development, testing and information services to public sector and companies as well as international organisations. VTT site offers information services. VTT Information Service disseminates scientific, technical and techno-economic information and promotes the development of information services.

Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK)


SHOKs or Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation carry out long-term cooperation in fields most crucial for the future. The results are breakthrough innovations of global importance, which can be agilely transformed into growth in business life and wellbeing in society.

Academy of Finland
The Academy of Finland’s mission is to finance high-quality scientific research, act as a science and science policy expert, and strengthen the position of science and research. The Academy works to contribute to the renewal, diversification and increasing internationalisation of Finnish research. Its operation covers the full spectrum of scientific disciplines.

HighTech Finland
HighTech Finland profiles a broad cross-section of the exciting work being done by Finnish companies and researchers – in areas ranging from mobile communications and sustainable energy to environmental technologies, new types of health care, advanced industrial processes and materials, and more.

Finnish Bioindustries
Finnish Bioindustries (FIB) is the industrial association of the biotechnology industry in Finland. Finnish Bioindustries’ site contains information on a vast range of companies operating within biotechnology; chemical, food, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, forest and plant protection sectors.

Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Turku Centre for Biotechnology is an institute of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The Centre’s site provides information on its activities, such as technical expertise and coordinating services for academic and industrial projects in several central areas of biotechnology and biomedicine.

Tampere Technology Centre Hermia
Technology Centre Hermia Ltd promotes the emergence of new technology-oriented business and the development of competitiveness in the fields of mechanical engineering and automation and in ICT clusters. Technology Centre Hermia Ltd is responsible for the coordination of the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise Programme and the implementation of centres of expertise for the key clusters.


Nature, forests, environment:

Finnish Environment Institute
The Finnish Environment Institute (also known as SYKE, after the Institute’s Finnish acronym) is both a research institute, and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE’s research focuses on changes in the environment, and seeks ways to control these changes.

Finnish Forest Association
The Finnish Forest Association is a co-operation organization for the forestry field in Finland. Finnish Forest Association promotes the sustainable and multiple-valued tending and use of forests. The primary task of the Finnish Forest Association is to give information on Finnish forests, forestry and the forest industry both in Finland and abroad. forms a gateway to the forest information highway, with a comprehensive list of links about forest and wood, the latest bulletins on the forest sector, an events calendar, and a question & answer column.

Finnish forest research institute – METLA
The activities of the METLA Team consist of tools and methods, as well as of analyses of the production potentials of Finland’s forests based on national forest inventory data, software pro-ducts, analyses and consulting services in forest management planning, and international projects.

Baltic Sea Portal
The Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR) is a research institute which is governed by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. FIMR was founded in 1918 to produce information relating to the marine sciences for use in decision making, for practical needs and for use by private citizens alike.

Geological Survey of Finland
The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) virtual library provides information on GTK’s consultancy services and basic geological information essential for assessment of raw materials, nature conservation, environmental studies, construction, land use planning and for new applications, such as medical geology.

Ministry of the Environment
The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is responsible for ensuring that the environmental perspective is given proper consideration in international cooperation and society, and at all levels of government. The Ministry formulates environmental policies, carries out strategic planning and makes decisions in its own sphere of interest. It is also responsible for preparing legislation and drawing up its own budget, and for result management and setting binding standards.


CIMO, Centre for International Mobility, administers scholarship and exchange programmes and is responsible for implementing nearly all EU education, training, culture and youth programmes at national level.

Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Education of Finland is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields. The Ministry creates favourable conditions for education, know-how, lifelong learning, creativity, civic participation, and well-being.

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre
The site contains information on how Heureka — the Finnish science center — advances public understanding of science and develops new methods for science learning. The Center’s activities include, for instance, pedagogical research that focuses on informal learning, the role of motivation in learning process and exhibitions an open learning environment.

PISA 2006 Finland
The material on this site a bit unusual. The reason for this is the interest that educators from around the world have shown towards Finland after the success of Finnish students in the PISA 2000, PISA 2003, PISA 2006, PISA 2008 Surveys. The success has also been a hot topic in international media and in different seminars and conferences. The site contains information on Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and on Finnish school system.