About Finnfacts

Finnfacts is an independent media service unit that operates as an interface between international media and Finnish industry and business.

Finnfacts organizes media tours targeted at foreign journalists and our mission is to help journalists get to know Finnish industry, companies and business life. Finnfacts invites almost 200 foreign reporters annually to Finland to become acquainted with Finnish companies, know-how and innovations.

Please check our calendar for up-coming events or get directly in touch with Finnfacts staff if you would like to arrange a media tour.

We also publish the Good News from Finland news service where we offer news about Finnish know-how and innovations.


Finnfacts has a solid network of connections to Finnish companies and organizations. Finnfacts is part of Business Finland.

Finnfacts operates independently; it is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Finnfacts’ activities are financed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.

Story of Finnfacts

Finnfacts’ origins go back to 1960, when the leading figures in the Finnish wood-processing industry felt it necessary to start providing western media with more information about Finnish industry. The basic principle of the operations, which began under the name ‘Finn Facts’, was to invite foreign journalists to Finland to let them see with their own eyes that Finland was an independent democracy and the home of top-grade and reliable production activities.

Since then the messages coming from Finnfacts’ operations and the tools used in them have become more sophisticated and undergone many changes as Finland has gradually established its position as an EU country at the forefront of modern nations and the birthplace of companies forging an international reputation in many fields.

Increasingly at the heart of the messages lies Finnish expertise – led by corporate activity and innovations.

Even though the media has entered the digital era and information is disseminated on a global scale, we still believe in the basics of impact-making communication: recognizing the essential target groups, the powerful effect of experiencing and seeing for oneself and the importance of people coming face to face.