The Finnish welfare state – wellbeing and social equality from cradle to grave

23 April 2017 – 28 April 2017

Finland is a gender equality pioneer. As early as 1878 Finland established equal hereditary rights for men and women. In 1906 Finland became the first country in the world to pass a law that allowed women both to vote and to run for election. The work toward equality has continued at all levels of the society ever since. This year, when Finland celebrates the centenary of its independence, The Prime Minister’s Office is launching an International Gender Equality Prize that will honour work in the field of gender equality.

The social equality in Finland not only excels in the gender equality, but broader in the equality and wellbeing for all. Everyone has equal opportunities for education, social participation, and health care. Finland as a welfare state takes care of its citizens from cradle to grave equally.

During this media tour, we will introduce you to realization of wellbeing in different stages of people’s life. The world-famous baby box that is sent to every expectant mother or family in Finland is a symbol of the egalitarian culture and the belief that everyone is entitled to the best possible start in life. Children are encouraged to learning by playing, people in working life have equal rights disregarding their genders and ages, and are encouraged to seek personal growth while taking care of their wellbeing. For senior citizens, different social innovations have encouraged their mental health, and smart and ergonomic solutions have assisted the active aging. Finland has been the model country for an equal and effective health care system, and the number one country in the usage and access to eHealth. In the areas of preventive healthcare and senior care, Finland has been a global forerunner.

In addition, you will be witnessing, how the Finnish welfare ecosystem works. The industry provides innovative solutions combining with technologies to strengthen the wellbeing of everyone. On the other hand, the welfare state model ensures citizen’s wellbeing and participation with the supportive networks of public institutions.

This tour is organized in co-operation with Finnish Embassies, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Finnfacts/Finpro. Costs, such as flights, transportation, accommodation and the meals mentioned in this program are covered by the host organizations.

Target Media: Asian media


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