Food From Finland

21 August 2017 – 24 August 2017

Finland has been recognized internationally to have the purest food products among EU countries. Being recognized as the cleanest country in the world, Finnish ingredients are known for their pureness. The natural food ingredients, from the non-processed forest berries, wild herbs, mushrooms, to omega-3 pork, eggs, poultry, are not only healthy and tasty on its own but also being used in many innovative food production.

The media tour will explore the intimate nature relationship of Finnish people from the age-old traditions to the modern day culinary culture as well as introduce intriguing companies that are turning the best kept secrets of Finnish food culture into exports for global markets.

Food from Finland is a Team Finland export program for the Finnish food industry, presenting Finnish food and drink industry and its high quality and naturally delicious products. Food from Finland brings delicious products from the Arctic north to the table without compromises in safety and quality. The program is carried out by the Team Finland organizations, The Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL) and private companies in the Finnish food sector and it aims to double Finnish food exports to around €3 billion by 2020.


The media tour is organized by Food from Finland, Finpro and Finnfacts.

Target Media: South Korean

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