Finnish SnowHow – Winter sport technologies and innovations

24 February 2017 – 2 March 2017

Finland is a leading country in winter sports and related technologies. In order to overcome harsh winter condition and secure smooth transportation during wintertime, Finns have strived to be innovative with technology, as a result being especially competent in combining modern technology into winter sports and daily life.

Finland excels in winter sports such as skiing and ice hockey. The significant investment in ice hockey infrastructure has been important force behind Finland’s success in winter sport and its top position as an ice hockey country. The “Sport First” attitude can be seen in many ways, for example during the last 50 years there has been 250 ice halls built, which also encouraged the innovations in ice rink construction, ice hockey hall building, and sport technologies development.

While professional Finnish athletes have achieved high rankings internationally, ordinary Finns have also embraced winter sports from young ages. Winter sports are popular from young children to the elderly, thanks to the excellent sport training, education, and extensive sport hobby networks.

Besides, Finland also specialises in developing sports equipment and accessories. Smart sport clothing makes skiing in the extreme climate possible; smart sport accessories on the other hand monitor people’s wellbeing and progress. In light of Beijing’s forthcoming 2022 winter Olympics, Finland has a lot of knowhow to offer, from the management of ski resorts, the construction of ice hockey rinks and the sustainable technologies for sports, to sports training and education. All of these are essential to build a super winter sport nation, which makes Finland the best partner for Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

In this media tour, you will get to know Finnish knowhow in winter sports, technologies and innovations, including learning about companies in different fields, visiting winter sport training for children and young people, as well as learning the management of big ski events and resorts. On top of that you will also be invited to watch the top sport event of Finland’s centenary year – the Nordic World Ski Championship 2017 in Lahti, Finland.

The media tour is organized in co-operation with the Embassies of Finland in China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Finnfacts/Finpro. Costs, such as flights, transportation, accommodation and the meals mentioned in this program are covered by the host organisations.

Target Media: Chinese journalists

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