Finnish knowhow: future schools with digital solutions

14 May 2017 – 19 May 2017

Finland is a leading country in education and continues to improve its educational system with major updates on the curriculum every decade in order to meet demands of the future. The new and innovative core curriculum that was introduced in 2016 encourages schools to implement phenomena-based learning and cross-curricular themes with a holistic approach. It obligates schools to pay more attention to developing calm learning environments, well-being, self-esteem, empathy and social and emotional skills. In other words, the curriculum emphasizes more than ever the importance of the total well-being of students believing that this is the foundation for motivated learning.

One major excellence of Finnish education is the combination of high digital competence with education to create multidimensional digital solutions for innovative and fun learning. On the one hand, Finland’s education system builds on taking advantage of the natural curiosity of a child and placing it at the heart of educational planning. On the other hand, many internationally well-known game companies and developers in Finland have poured knowledge, network and resources into developing educational games. There are games for anti-bullying, games that encourage physical exercise, games for teacher’s continuous self-education and games that teachers can design by themselves. To put it simple: games that make learning fun.

During this media tour you will learn about the new Finnish curriculum and see how it has been put into practice in schools. You will also get to see how the digital learning solutions are incorporated as early as in the early childhood education and continue to play a big role in education for both teachers and students. Further you will be acquainted with how Finland combines the physical and digital dimensions of inspiring classrooms for an active, self-motivating learning, how teachers and school children interact as well as how teachers can develop their competence by further training to reach the requirements of future schools.

The media tour is organized in co-operation with the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Finnfacts/Finpro. Costs, such as flights, transportation, accommodation and the meals mentioned in this program are covered by the host organizations.

Target Media: Japanese media


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