Finland towards the circular economy: Finnish bio economy

9 May 2017 – 11 May 2017

The over-exploitation of natural resources, the rapid, yet global, population growth as well as inevitable climate change are examples of the factors, which are gradually driving societies to become ever more efficient and further reduce their emissions. Recycling-based economies that strive for energy efficiency and where synergy between companies in order to save raw materials are a significant part of the present day. Shrewder use of resources is becoming an asset in international competition.

Finland has become a hotbed for environmental technology, partly because of our harsh weather conditions and the lack of fossil fuels. Traditionally, this has forced both industries and society to maximize the efficiency out of scare resources. Our resource-efficient industrial processes and building automation as well as the arctic knowhow, stems from the demanding Finnish climate conditions.

As the Mother Nature has always been tough in Finland, it has been highly respected as well. The forest industry and silvicultural solutions are some modern examples of reverential relationship with nature, as it means ecological and transparent production processes.

This media tour will provide a versatile view considering the Finnish expertise in providing the sustainable efficiency in bio and green industries. The companies we are visiting are forerunners and contributors of sustainable solutions, such as: Watrec’s Waste-to-Energy technology, Fortum’s biofuel-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant and Lahti Energy’s gasification technology.

In per capita terms, Finland is the leading country for the support of the research in the fields of energy and environment. More than 40 per cent of the Finnish public R&D funding goes to these sectors. This had led to efficient equipment and processes that create profitable businesses. One encouraging example is the Aalto University Bio product centre and its modern bioeconomy ecosystem, which we will be visiting.

In June, the world circular economy forum 2017 will be held in Finland. This ground breaking event presents the world’s best circular economy solutions and gathers the most recognized experts and decision makers in the field.

Target media: Hispanic media


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