5G & Connectivity

4 September 2017 – 8 September 2017

Finland is the most innovative country in the world and the 2nd most competitive country in Europe. As early adopters of numerous digital services, Finns have digitalization in their nature. Equipped with an interdisciplinary way of thinking and world-renowned education, the companies and public sector have created an environment where equality of opportunity is guaranteed for all and innovations bloom.

The media tour will give insight into several areas of Finnish information and communications technology expertise by visiting companies that are providing solutions to the intriguing challenges of the Information Age. The tour will begin with a discussion and presentations about 5G as the new standards in telecommunications and the solutions that Finnish companies have to offer and then move on to the more specific themes such as the Internet of Things, Digital Health, Intelligent Mobility, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


The media tour is organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finpro and Finnfacts.

Target Media: South Korean

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